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Piston Pump


1.High pressure, compact structure,

2.High efficiency and convenient flow adjustment.

Application:Sludge dewatering for wastewater treatment, Foodstuff, Chemicals, Mining, Medicine, Ceramic slurry, etc



型号Model 额定流量 M3/Rated Flow 压力范围MPA Pressure Range 额定压力MPA Rated Pressure 冲程MM Stroke 配用电机KW Power 密封形式 Seal Type 长*宽*高(MM) L*W*H 进/出浆法兰 PN16
YBH140-10 10 0-2.5 2 220 3/5.5 YX/叠圈 1.6*1.2*1.6 DN80/DN65
YBH200-19 19 0-2.5 2 250 5.5/7.5 YX/叠圈 1.7*1.3*1.9 DN100/DN80
YBH250-25 25 0-2.2 2 250 7.5/11 YX/叠圈 1.94*1.3*2.2 DN125/DN100
YBH250-30 30 0-2.2 2 250 7.5/11 YX/叠圈 1.94*1.3*2.2 DN125/DN100
YBH300-40 40 0-2.2 2 250 11/15 叠圈 2.1*1.8*2.2 DN125/DN125
YBH300J-60 60 0-2.2 2 350 15/18.5 叠圈 2.1*1.8*2.32 DN125/DN125
YBH400-100 100 0-2.2 2 350 22 叠圈 2.48*2.5*2.6 DN150/DN150
YBH500-150 150 0-2.2 2 450 37 叠圈 3.8*2.2*3 DN200

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