Henan Dazhang Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
Dazhang Company won the 2019-2020 Mayor of Xuchang Quality Nomination Award With the efforts of all employees of Dazhang Company, the company won the 2019-2020 Mayor of Xuchang Quality Nomination Award. On the morning of March 17, Wu Hongsheng, deputy director of Xuchang City Market Supervision Administration, and... [2021-07-12]
The Packaging Filter Press After the introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the filter press, today we will discuss the packaging of the filter press. Packaging is to avoid the machine from scratching or colliding during transportation t... [2021-07-12]
Benefits of Dazhang - Improving the Quality of employees’ life With the expansion of our company, the employees quality of life has been greatly improved. Our workers have night shifts, so our company provides dormitory for employees with charging free. At the beginning, the conditions were poor. Sever... [2021-07-12]
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